Elizabeth Montagu
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Bluestockings: the social network


Friday, 3 June 2011 at the James Callaghan Lecture Theatre, Swansea University.




9.00 -10.00      Registration and coffee

9.45                 Welcome and steering committee        

                        introduction to Project



10.00-11.00                 Plenary


Betty Schellenberg (Simon Fraser University) ‘Media Cultures and the Invention of the Bluestockings’                                               James Callaghan Lecture Theatre                                                                  


Chair: Caroline Franklin


11.00-11.30     Coffee


11.30-1.00       Parallel sessions



A           Anna Letitia Barbauld and Sarah Scott                JC Conf. Rm: B03/B02


Chair: Nicole Pohl


‘Is Anna Letitia Barbauld a Bluestocking?’

Jessica Cook (University of South Florida)


‘Disembodied Slavery and Benevolent Patronage: Rehearsing Utopian Models of Governance in Sarah Scott’s The History of Sir George Ellison

Katie Charles  (UCLA)


B         Elizabeth Carter’s networks       James Callaghan Lecture Theatre


Chair: Shearer West


‘Elizabeth Carter and A Theory of Epistolary Performance’

Melanie Bigold (Cardiff University)


‘Inventing the learned lady: Elizabeth Carter and the mid-century heroines of Thomas Amory’

Moyra Haslett (Queen’s University, Belfast)


'Reviving the Stoic Discourse: The Bluestockings'.

Rose Pimentel (St Andrews)


C Bluestocking circles                                               JC Conf. Rm.: B04


Chair: Lynda Pratt



‘Mary Berry: A Forgotten Salonnière’

Susanne Schmid (Freie Universität Berlin/Ruhr-Universität Bochum)


‘Rereading the Bluestockings: Factoring in the Court Dimension’

Clarissa Campbell Orr (Anglia Ruskin)





1.00-2.00   Lunch



2.00-3.30         Parallel sessions


A         The Languages of Bluestocking Networks    James Callaghan Lecture Theatre


Chair: Linda Bree


‘Correspondence as social network: the case of Elizabeth Montagu’

Markman Ellis (Queen Mary)


‘The “delightful intercourse of cards and twisted notes”: visiting cards in the Bluestocking social network’

Gillian Russell (ANU)


‘From Fidget to the Queen of the Blues: Changing language practices in Elizabeth Montagu’s private letters’

Anni Sairio (University of Helsinki)



B Literary and Critical Authorship                               JC Conf. Rm: B03/B02


Chair: Robert McNamee


‘Boundary Disputes in the Work of Elizabeth Montagu and Charlotte Lennox’

Melanie Hinton (University of Utah)

‘Charlotte Lennox and Shakespeare’s adaptations in Shakespear Illustrated

Rebecka Gronstedt (QUB)


‘Bluestocking Authorship’

Clare Barlow (KCL)  


C         Patronage, subscription and friendship between men and women

                                                                                                       JC Conf. Rm.: B04

Chair: Tim Fulford


‘The correspondence of Hannah More and David Garrick: patronage and friendship’

Kerri Andrews (University of Strathclyde)


‘On the subscription list: Elizabeth Montagu helps John Carteret Pilkington’ Norma Clarke (Kingston University)


“Negotiating Interests: Elizabeth Montagu, Male Friendship, and the Political Realm”

Elizabeth Bennett (University of Texas)



3.30-4.00 Tea and Coffee


4.00—5.30      Parallel sessions


A         Celtic connections             James Callaghan Lecture Theatre


Chair: Moyra Haslett


‘Clan Blue: Gender, Learning, and Lore in Johnstone’s Clan-Albin

Gary Kelly (University of Alberta)


‘“Never was a flock so scattered for want of a shepherdess”: Elizabeth Vesey between England and Ireland’

Amy Prendergast (TCD)


"'Intelligent, but not very blooming countenances'": Sydney Owenson's Take on the Bluestockings."

Julie Donovan  (George Washington University)



B         ‘Inscription and Exchange’:  University of York panel        

                                                                                                      JC Conf. Rm: B03/B02

Chair Harriet Guest


‘Rebecca’s Mourning Locket’

Jordan Vibert


‘Nata Nupta Obiit: A Kind of Satire’: Hester Thrale Piozzi’s Epigraphical Epitaph’

Sophie Coulombeau


 ‘“An emblem of your mind”: Anna Letitia Barbauld’s Objects of Affection’

Joanna Wharton




5.30-6.30    Plenary

Felicity Nussbaum (UCLA)   ‘Friendship, Fame, and Hester Thrale Piozzi’

                                                                               James Callaghan Lecture Theatre

Chair: Elizabeth Eger


7. 30      Conference Dinner:  Patti Raj Restaurant


Welsh harp music played by Rhian Howell



Saturday, 4 June 2011:  At the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

                                                                               Main Gallery Upstairs




Public Lecture in conjunction with Historical Association (Swansea Branch)



11.00-12.30     National Waterfront Museum: Upstairs Gallery    

Bluestocking Businesswomen


Chair: John Law


‘Elizabeth Montagu and coalmining in the North-East’

Les Turnbull


‘Hester Thrale and the Anchor Brewery, Southwark’.

Michael Franklin


Lunch There are several cafés, restaurants and gastropubs in the marina area.


2pm  National Waterfront Museum: Dockside Room


Meeting of Editorial and Advisory Boards  and Presentation by Elena Pierazzo (KCL) on digitization of letters


2pm Historical Assocation Swansea Branch invites delegates to:


A historical walk to be led by John Ashley  from the National Waterfront Museum at 2pm along the foreshore. Return planned by 5pm. There is frequent public transport for those who wish to return earlier.





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Bluestocking Circle

The Bluestocking Circle was a group of writers, artists and thinkers who met in the London homes of Elizabeth Montagu, Elizabeth Vesey and Frances Boscawen. These fashionable hostesses invented a new kind of informal sociability and nurtured a sense of intellectual community. The term "bluestocking" evolved from the scholar Benjamin Stillingfleet's decision to abandon formal evening dress and obey Vesey's call to "Come in your blue stockings." Guests included the leading literary, political and cultural figures of the day, including Elizabeth Carter, Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, David and Eva Garrick and later Hannah More and Frances Burney.

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