EMCO International Symposium – ‘Correspondence and Embodiment: The Bluestocking Corpus Online’, 12-13 November, 2021

EMCO is delighted to announce that an international symposium generously hosted by the Huntington Library, California, ‘Correspondence and Embodiment: The Bluestocking Corpus Online’ will take place on Friday 12 to Saturday 13 November, 2021. The digital edition of Elizabeth Montagu’s Correspondence Online will be demonstrated. Plenary speakers include: Professor Lisa Forman Cody (Claremont McKenna College, CA) Professor Helen Deutsch (UCLA), Dr Elizabeth Eger (King’s College, London), Professor Markman Ellis (QMUL), Professor Emma Major (University of York), Professor Felicity Nussbaum (UCLA), Dr Anni Sairio (University of Helsinki), Professor Rachel Scarborough King (UCSB), Professor Peter Stallybrass (University of Pennsylvania),  Professor Jennifer Van Horn (University of Delaware|). This event will both signify the completion of Phase 1 of the EMCO Project and provide an opportunity for the international community of elite Bluestocking scholars working on the Huntington library’s extensive Elizabeth Montagu papers to collate our research and share best practices in producing digital scholarly editions.

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